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Advocating for Veterans in the Chippewa Valley

The Chippewa Valley Veterans Tribute Foundation is a combined taskforce of all the Veteran Service Organizations throughout the greater Eau Claire area.

By bringing these Veteran Service Organizations together, we can pool our resources to make a real difference in veterans lives, giving back to those who have served us. Our first task is to build a proper tribute to local veterans. Our hope for the future is to create more programs that directly affect the veterans in our community for the better.

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Why a Veteran Tribute?

Our first task is to build a proper tribute in the Chippewa Valley where flag holidays can be celebrated and honored. The park will be a place to honor our service men and women, where the stories of local Veterans can be told, to educate our community of the sacrifices made to protect our freedoms, and where our veterans can reflect and heal.

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Saturday, September 11

It has been twenty years and the images and videos of the events of 9/11 are no less disturbing than the day it happened.

In the space of less than 90 minutes on a late summer morning, America and its relationship with the world changed. Nearly 3,000 people were killed that day and the United States soon found itself involved in what would become the longest war in its history. Though there is an estimated cost of $8 trillion spent on the war on terror, even more staggering is the loss of military and civilian life resulting…

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