Established in 2017, the Foundation started with combined task force committee made up of members of the 14 veteran services organizations in Eau Claire County that serve our local Veterans and their families.

Veterans Park

The first project for this committee was to plan and build a proper tribute in the Chippewa Valley where flag holidays could be celebrated and honored. Learn more.

Future Endeavors

Once the Veterans Park is completed, it is our hope to forge programs that will advocate for veterans needs across the entire Chippewa Valley and beyond. By building a strong foundation to act as an umbrella organization for all veteran services, we hope to create future programs to aid in some of the most perilous obstacles facing our veterans. Homelessness, suicide prevention, mental health support, housing, job placement, and readjustment into civilian life are all issues that face our veterans coming home from service.

We want to thank the community of the Chippewa Valley for the overwhelming amount of positive support you have shown for our Chippewa Valley Veterans Foundation. It is our extreme privilege to work alongside this great community for such an honorable cause.